Financial Planning

Typically, new clients begin their relationship with us with a stand-alone financial plan called a Project Retainer.

What is The Project Retainer?

The Project Retainer is a "stand-alone" review addressing your specific financial concerns. The Project Retainer typically results in a financial plan presented over two conferences, scheduled approximately one week apart.

We find starting our relationship on a project basis is ideal for several reasons. First, it allows you to use our services on an as-needed basis. Second, it allows you to evaluate our services prior to establishing a long-term relationship. Third, it allows us to price our services based on your circumstances rather than the value of your investments. Finally, it allows us to begin a potential long-term relationship on the right foot - with a full understanding of your financial situation and goals.

Who Will Benefit From The Project Retainer?

The Project Retainer is designed for clients looking for individually tailored financial solutions to their most pressing financial concerns. Typically the plan emphasizes sophisticated retirement planning, investment consulting, and tax planning advice. It also addresses other areas including Social Security collection strategies, pension options evaluation, insurance needs analysis, and other planning as desired.

How is the Project Retainer-Fee Calculated?

The project retainer-fee is quoted as a flat fee. The quote is provided at the end of our free initial conference. Project fees start at a minimum of $3,000. Therefore, our Project Retainer is generally appropriate for those clients seeking a more comprehensive evaluation.


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