Investment Management

Many new clients desire on-going investment services such as our Investment Management program.

What Are Investment Management Services?

The Investment Management program provides on-going discretionary investment oversight including investment selection, trading, monitoring, and performance reporting.

Who Tends to Choose Investment Management?

The Investment Management program is preferred by clients looking solely for investment assistance. This service level does not provide for any other services such as tax planning, tax preparation, or scheduled face-to-face meetings. We have priced the program without these additional services to keep the cost low.

How Are Investment Management Fees Calculated?

Fees for the Investment Management program are based on the value of the investments being managed and are not higher than 0.75% of the investment value annually. This is almost half the average advisory fee according to the 2012 Investment News/Moss Adams "Financial Performance Study of Advisory Firms". Their study found the average annual fee for a client with $1 million in investable assets is 1.39%.

Quarterly fees for our Investment Management program are subject to a $500 minimum amount. Therefore, to avoid paying the minimum fee, the value of the portfolio should be at least $275,000.


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