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The Mallard Money Blog

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Dispelling Gifting Myths

One of the great joys of financially independent clients is gifting to family members during their lifetime. Unfortunately, there are many gifting myth's that linger. We routinely receive questions that go something like, "How much am I allowed to gift to my daughter this year without having to pay gift tax?"

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Good "Will" Hunting

Hunting around for estate related documents after a loved one has passed away is another burden during an already difficult and emotionally painful time. In the most recent edition of our newsletter, I talk about the gift we can give to our survivors by getting our estate and funeral documents/wishes in order.

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Bill's Article on CCRC Picked Up

Bill's article on Continuing Care Retirement Communities from the July issue of our company newsletter (The Mallard Flyer) was picked up by a national publication called Financial Focus. This publication is distributed by financial advisors across the country to their clients.

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