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Corrections: My Favorite Graphic

"CORRECTION. n. A moderate decline in the market  that people who think they have recognized it believe will not last much  longer. It could, however, turn out to be the beginning of a full-blown  BEAR MARKET, nothing but a DIP, or the beginning of a BULL MARKET. Only  after it is over will anyone know for certain what it was." - from The Devil's Financial Dictionary by Jason Zweig

The following short must watch video reviews my favorite graphic from JPMorgan Asset Management. I use it to illustrate a few key points:
  1. Corrections are to be expected. 
  2. Corrections can't be predicted.
  3. Corrections are always worse than the calendar year returns.
  4. Corrections are the emotional price we must pay to capture the expected returns of the stock markets.

Please  click on the image below to launch the short video.  If you enjoy it,  we would be honored if you would to share it with others.

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