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Eighteen years of practice brought us to the point where we could share The Principles of Financial Security which are described in our lead article this quarter.


In this issue, we discuss managing personal finances by decade.

 2017 04 Mallard Call.pdf

We explore the components and sources of stock returns taking a look at the valuation of the stock market.

 2017 01 Mallard Call.pdf

The "Four Keys to Investment Success" are provided to help investors to receive the investment results they deserve.

 2016 10 Mallard Call.pdf

In this issue, we discuss long-term care risks and your options for covering these risks.

 2016 07 Mallard Call.pdf

How to manage retirement risk using "guardrails".  Umbrella liability insurance is also discussed.

 2016 04 Mallard Call.pdf

We talk about Retirement epiphanies and the importance of diversification.

 2016 01 Mallard Call.pdf

Layering term life insurance provides more appropriate coverage at a better cost.

 2015 10 Mallard Call.pdf

You can build wealth by paying taxes (now)!

 2015 07 Mallard Call.pdf

Bill talks about identity theft prevention tactics and why investors should stop "strategy seeking".

 2015 04 Mallard Call.pdf

Bill talks about numbers you should know that can signal your financial well-being.

 2015 01 Mallard Call.pdf

Bill talks about splitting the market to gain clarity.

 2014 10 Mallard Call.pdf

The importance and an easy method of getting your estate related documents organized.

 2014 07 Mallard Call.pdf

Why you should put different types of eggs into different types of baskets.

 2014 04 Mallard Call.pdf

How Being True to yourself can propel your financial security.

 2014 01 Mallard Call.pdf

Bill looks back at the hypothetical returns of four investors over the last five years.

 2013 10 Mallard Flyer.pdf

Bill writes about how making a commitment to our future selves will make it easier for our current selves to save.

 2013 07 Mallard Flyer.pdf

Bill writes about Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC's). This popular article was picked up by a national financial publication for redistribution.

 2013 04 Mallard Flyer.pdf

Bill writes about the possibility of world abundance and also about college planning.


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